Multi-Purpose Medical Scissors


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The multi-purpose medical scissors are strong enough to cut through tapes and bandages. They’ve long handles, making it easy to cut through thick clothing like leather or jeans and are easy to carry. In making medical scissors, the manufacturer uses stainless steel, which is strong and rust-proof for efficiency and long service. Tempering the curved blade makes it hold a sharp edge while maintaining strength and flexibility. These bandage scissors have polypropylene for maximum control and comfort. It’s 5/12 in. long and available in purple, black, magenta, royal blue and teal. These scissors have a safety polypropylene bandage tip to avoid hurting the patient.

  • These medical scissors are stainless steel, increasing durability
  • Tempering of the blade enables it to maintain a sharp edge for long
  • It has a long curved blade with a safety bandage tip for patient’s protection

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