Mini Vertebral Column Flexible on Stand


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Built anatomically correct, the 3B Scientific® mini vertebral column offers an accurate representation of spinal features for seamless patient or student education. Its compressed form factor saves you storage space. Made from lightweight materials, moving this miniature vertebral column model to a different workstation is easy. Thanks to the sturdy base, you can place the model on a wide range of surfaces comfortably, making it versatile. It comes fully assembled for enhanced ease of use. Supported by a flexible wire, this mini replica allows you to demonstrate various forms of natural human spine mobility and pathological changes. You can detach the flexible vertebral column from its stand for an unobstructed view and increased maneuverability. Made from tough, durable materials, it comes built to last.

  • A compact vertebral column model saves space
  • Made from lightweight materials, it is easily portable
  • Its durable construction enhances longevity

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