Mini Skull


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Increase learning efficiency in medical and academic settings with the 3B Scientific® mini skull model. It's a valuable teaching and training tool for healthcare professionals and anatomy students alike. This human skull model features a three-part configuration that disassembles into the mandible, base of skull and skullcap to facilitate detailed exploration. For high accuracy and a realistic feel, 3B Scientific uses natural specimens for dental casting. This anatomically correct skull bone structure comes with a durable construction to withstand frequent demonstrations. The nontoxic material also ensures safe handling. Plus, this miniature anatomy skull model saves space when displayed on tables and desks.

  • The 3B Scientific mini human skull model features a three-part design that allows easy disassembly for a closer study
  • It depicts a natural casting of the human teeth for a realistic touch
  • It's made of a sturdy, nontoxic material to promote longevity and safety  

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