Mini Isolation Station Floor System - 19"W x 13.5"D x 57.25"H


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The CeilBlue mini isolation station floor system - 19 in.W x 13.5 in.D x 57.25 in.H is a standalone, pedestal-style assembly for housing basic personal protective equipment (PPE) that staff need before entering a patient isolation room or a clinical area that must remain sterile. The protective items are essential hospital hygiene supplies that protect not only the providers and staff, but also the patients themselves.

The station contains standard prophylactic wear such as gloves, masks and gowns, as well as hygienic supplies like hand sanitizers. It also complements other standalone systems like a respiratory hygiene station offering masks, facial tissues and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of germs from coughs.

This isolation station floor system from CeilBlue™ consists of strong, durable scratch-resistant PETG material, with a clean, antiseptic look and easy-to-sanitize finish. Hospitals and clinics position it in the hallway next to patient rooms or clinical-facility doors, or wherever infection prevention and control protocols are in place.

The pedestal base is double mounted, providing a sturdy stand for hallway traffic. Besides functioning as a PPE dispenser, the stylized-acrylic isolation hygiene station also has a wide display area for placards to caution staff about the infectious organisms and sterility protocols they're facing as they enter isolation rooms or clinical facilities. A respiratory hygiene station with sign holder is also available to caution staff and visitors about the dangers of coughing without preventive hygiene.

What supplies does the isolation station floor system offer?

It dispenses the basic PPE that staff need, including gloves, gowns, masks and sanitizers. It also offers display areas for precautionary instructions before staff enter isolation rooms or sterile clinical areas.

How well does the system tolerate the hospital environment?

With the double-base platform and acrylic-style PETG construction, the respiratory hygiene station with sign holder is stable and durable. It stands up well to continuous PPE dispensing because of the scratch-resistant finish.

How does the system complement hospital protocols?

  • The PPE dispenser helps prevent the spread or introduction of infectious organisms in isolation rooms and clinical facilities
  • It protects both medical providers and clinical workers from germs
  • The clear, PETG finish of the mini isolation station floor system gives it an antiseptic look
  • It's easy to keep the system sanitary with standard hospital cleaning supplies
  • The station complements other infection-control systems, like a respiratory hygiene station

Check out CeilBlue to find out more about PPE floor stations and their value in fighting the spread of infectious organisms in hospitals.

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