4.75 Inch Adson Tissue Forcep


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Manipulate the skin surrounding wounds with these Adson tissue forceps 6-120 by Miltex to make sutures. These forceps delicately grip the skin to enable better sutures to benefit wound healing since they need less force to hold the skin than when using Adson forceps without teeth. Use these forceps to perform dissections as well. They're suitable for use in doctors' offices, hospitals, veterinary practices, laboratories and classrooms. The surgical stainless steel construction prevents corrosion due to regular use and sanitizing. These forceps measure 4.75 in.

  • These Miltex 6-120 Adson tissue forceps are suitable for delicate work with the skin in medical procedures like suturing
  • The forceps measure 4.75 in.
  • The 1 x 2 teeth require less force to hold and move the skin

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