Medication Lock Boxes with Keys


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When handling something as important to a patient as their medication, you need medication lock boxes to keep valuable quality-of-life-improving medications from falling into the wrong hands. Patient security is one of the most important concerns to a medical practice, whether it be a small doctor's office or a hospital. You can ensure medication safety for your patients and personnel by investing in a lockable storage box that is in an easy-to-find location.

This storage box comes with hardware that allows for easy installation on shelving by attaching the top of the box to the bottom of a shelf. This bodes well for your practice's efforts to declutter and improve workflow, as this system is compatible with many medical carts. This lock box system is available in a one-key or two-key format, meaning that if you'd rather trust important and life-saving medications to two people's collective judgment, you now have that capability. 

The lock boxes come in a tough acrylic shell, which is both transparent for easy identification of medication and secure enough to stand up to a fair amount of abuse. You can rest assured knowing that medication will only be accessible by people who need to access it. You probably think a lot about medical practice supplies; you can be confident that our supplies are fully capable of reducing risk to patients' vital medications.

How do these lock boxes ensure patient security?

One feature of these lock boxes is that they have a different set of keys with every box. However, you can also request the boxes come keyed to the same master key.

What sizes do these storage boxes come in?

There are three different variants for this key-entry lock box. There is a small single-key version, a medium single-key versionand a small double-key version.


  • You can help patients keep their peace of mind with these useful medication lock boxes
  • Place these boxes in central locations with lots of security for maximum patient security
  • The key-based entry system allows for easy tracking of who can access sensitive medications
  • Add an additional level of security with the specialized two-key box
  • Mount these boxes on shelving or carts with the included mounting hardware 

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