DATE OPENED Medication Label Tape


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An item like DATE OPENED medication label tape is an essential tool in ensuring patient safety, as many important medications given out to patients are time-sensitive and may spoil or expire if left too long. The potential effects of expired medication given to a patient by mistake are many and potentially dangerous. You can avoid this using a clear and accountable labeling system like medical labels.

Built with practitioner convenience and patient safety in mind, these dispensing labels are a must for any system of medication labels. The DATE OPENED miscellaneous labeling system comes with several spaces to put information, providing a maximum level of visual communication and accountability to both the patient and the practitioner. There are five positions to place information on each label, from the large date opened listing to smaller positions for preparation dates, expiration dates and times and the initials of the practitioner who opened the medication in the first place. This information provides an accountable and visually noticeable check on mishandled medications that can help every person in the chain of handling, from the top staff down to the patient.

How many labels come with each roll?

Each dispensing label roll comes with 500 labels, meaning that big and small practices alike have access to a sufficient number of labels.

How does this label system improve practices at a medical facility?

The label roll prevents complications arising from expired medications being given to patients, which can prove to be a costly mistake.

What information can go on these labels?

The labels offer a space for the medication opening date. However, they also come with spaces for the initials of the practitioner who opened them, as well as the date and time the medications expire.


  • Offer your patients an increased level of security with DATE OPENED medication label tape
  • With 500 labels per roll, you rarely have to worry about running out of labels
  • Prevent medication errors that can damage your practice with our accountability-facilitating label system
  • You can provide lots of information to other practitioners with the five spaces for information on each label
  • Prevent medications from spoiling and help your patients know when their medication will expire

No matter what you need for your practice, from pre-cut medication labels to medical supplies, the CeilBlue™ range of products can help your medical center improve best practices.

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