Medical-Surgical Boot - Black


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Deliver support, stability and comfort with a medical-surgical boot in black. The use of this assistive device for postoperative foot surgery and related injuries may lead to faster healing. Available in female and male versions, this medical foot boot with a semi-rigid sole features the exclusive MetaShank™ technology for increased forefoot control and protection. Along with proper airflow, its mesh upper design also molds to bony irregularities for extra comfort. This black surgical foot boot combines a cushioned heel collar with a sturdy heel counter to minimize slippage and add bracing around the rear foot. Lengthy straps facilitate easy application and offer enough room to accommodate bulky dressings. Choose from large, medium or small sizes for an optimal fit.

  • This surgical boot stabilizes and supports the foot following a medical procedure or injury
  • The patented MetaShank technology improves rigidity for better control
  • A breathable, mesh material enhances wearer comfort

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