3B Scientific C13 Median and Frontal Section Of the Head


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Designed with two relief replicas, the 3B Scientific® median and frontal section of the head model accurately illustrates anatomical features of the human head. It offers clear and detailed views of the head, making it a useful teaching tool. The structures on this median head model, including cross-sections of the sinuses, spinal cord and brain, come precisely illustrated in color for easy identification. Since it's mounted on a sturdy baseboard, you can place the versatile head section model on various surfaces while educating patients or students. Its baseboard and elevated layout enhance ease of display. Made using durable materials, this relief model comes built to last. Move it to different workstations with ease thanks to its convenient size and lightweight design.

  • With a sturdy base, the median head model offers versatile use
  • Its two relief models offer unobstructed views
  • Made of tough materials, it's durable and easy to clean

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  • Free access to the anatomy course 3B Smart Anatomy, hosted inside the award-winning Complete Anatomy app by 3D4Medical
  • The 3B Smart Anatomy course includes 23 digital anatomy lectures, 117 different virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes to test your knowledge
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