Master Equipment Round Pet Grooming Table


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

For a small and portable grooming table surface, you’ll appreciate the Master Equipment Round Pet Grooming Table. This small table measures 18 inches in diameter, making it easy to carry wherever it’s needed. It works best for small dogs. You can place the small grooming table on top of a desk, counter or table before lifting the pet onto the round grooming table surface. This table means you don’t have to stoop over to work on tiny dogs. The kit ships with an adjustable grooming arm and loop, allowing you to secure the animal while you’re grooming.
  • Non-Slip Table Top – The top of the grooming surface consists of a non-slip material, which will keep pets safe while you’re grooming them
  • Fits on Any Surface – You’ll lift this small, round grooming table and set it onto another object, meaning you don’t have to stoop over to work on the pet
  • Three Colors Available – Pick the color of portable grooming table that will work best with your dog salon’s existing décor, as this table is available in black, blue or purple
  • 18-Inch Diameter Surface – The small grooming table works best with small pets, as it only measures 18 inches in diameter
  • Rotatable Table – You can spin and rotate the table with the pet on it if desired, making it easier to work on different areas of the animal’s fur

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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