Male Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Nerves and Organs


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The male pelvis model with ligaments, nerves and organs from 3B® Scientific offers students and patients a 3D visual aid with seven separate parts. Open the model along the median where it's held together by magnets to explore the anatomical structures in the pelvic region of a human male. Remove the bladder, rectum, prostate and penis, along with the area's major muscle groups, from the male pelvic floor model for closer inspection. Gain additional anatomical insights with free access to the award-winning 3B Smart Anatomy app and companion course.

  • View ligaments, nerves and organs in 3D relief with the male pelvis anatomy model
  • Take out and examine the bladder, rectum, prostate, penis and major pelvic muscles
  • Display the male pelvic floor model in a doctor's office or classroom to offer a hands-on visual aid

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