Magnetic Link Bracelet with Copper


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Accessorize your outfit with an elegantly finished Sabona® magnetic link bracelet. It comes in various sizes so you can choose the right fit for optimal comfort. Made from quality stainless steel, copper and magnets, the bracelet is rust-resistant. Linked with permanent pins, it offers enhanced longevity. Each copper strip comes integrated with a 1200 gauss samarium magnet to enable long-term use. Fitted with a sturdy clasp, you can secure the ornament on your wrist and prevent accidental loss. The unique stainless steel bracelet surface is easy to clean and polish, saving you time. It comes in a presentable packaging for convenient gifting on special occasions.

  • A magnetic link bracelet comes in varying comfortable sizes
  • Its sturdy clasp prevents accidental loss
  • Made from tough and durable materials

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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