Magnetic Mounting Set


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This magnetic mounting set eliminates the need for using tools and making holes to hang up wall mount units with keyholes. Art, framed certificates and other medical practice supplies can also hang up the same way. The powerful magnets can hold up to 30 lbs. so that you can use the wall mount units for storage and organization of your medical supplies easily. These magnetic mounting brackets are easy to attach to metal surfaces and just as easy to remove. This makes it easy to move lock boxes and bins to new locations or add new ones.

These magnetic brackets are industrial-strength and durable and have a design with reliability in mind. They're usable in settings outside of medical practices as well. All that's necessary is a metal surface like a filing cabinet.

Do these magnetic base mount brackets damage surfaces?

The magnets have a neoprene coating to minimize scratching or any other kind of damage.

Does the size of the wall mount unit matter?

Not as long as the weight isn't more than 30 lbs. The magnets do not attach to each other, so they are usable with any size unit.

Do these magnetic mounting brackets only cater to keyhole-shaped hooks?

Other types of metal clips or string can also work as long as they fit over the mounting brackets.

Benefits and features:

  • This magnetic mounting set attaches and removes easily from metal surfaces
  • There is no need to use any tools or drill holes
  • The neoprene coating minimizes damage to surfaces
  • These magnetic brackets are ideal for wall mount units with keyholes or similar clips
  • The magnetic brackets are highly durable
  • The magnets are industrial strength
  • The weight restriction is 30 lbs.

Check out CeilBlue™ for these magnetic wall mount brackets as well as any other medical practice furniture or supplies.