M36 Hand Skeleton with Elastic Ligaments


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Useful as a teaching tool for anatomy lessons, this M36 hand skeleton with elastic ligaments is suitable for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical students. This model clearly displays important features of clinical relevance like the retinaculum flexorum, fibrous layer of connective tissue, carpals, finger bones, radius and ulna. It's an ideal aid for studying the anatomy of the hand thanks to the elastic ligaments in this model. Ligaments, the membrane interossea and the retinaculum flexorum in this anatomical hand model are totally flexible. This helps instructors simulate functional movements for a thorough understanding of the anatomy and function of the hand.

  • This anatomical hand model helps study ligaments and joints
  • It's a useful teaching tool, suitable for medical students, physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • It features flexible joints and ligaments to simulate functional movements

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