Lumbo Protech Back Support - Extreme


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Equipped with a pulley system, the Lumbo Protech Back Support — Extreme — from Bilt-Rite Mastex Health lets you locate the precise fitting for optimal comfort. Made from rigid materials, this lumbar-sacral orthosis (LSO) supports your spine, reducing the load on vertebral discs and minimizing movement during rehabilitation. With a clamshell design and convenient straps, wearing and taking off the orthopedic lumbar support belt is easy. Featuring moldable insert plates and an adjustable front panel, this belt accommodates a pendulous abdomen. With a flexible posterior panel, the orthopedic lumbosacral belt contours according to any back curvature. Its material is easily cleanable, saving you routine maintenance time. Choose from a wide range of sizes for a compact and comfortable fit.

  • The lumbar support belt is rigid for ample back support
  • Has a customizable layout that makes it versatile
  • Pulley system design simplifies application

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