Lumbo Protech Back Support - Deluxe


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The lumbo protech back support – deluxe acts as a nonsurgical treatment for spinal disorders and pain by supporting damaged muscles and weakened joints. It features two moldable insert plates. The lumbo back support comes with a pulley system that helps you adjust the fit for comfort. The back panel provides support by contouring to any lordosis. The lumbosacral corset belt, which comes in sizes small to 4X, functions as a comfortable back brace that corrects poor posture by putting pressure on your abdominal and core back muscles. The lightweight, breathable materials provide support and compression. The anterior is adjustable and measures 6.75 in. high while the posterior measures 9.5 in. to 14 in. high.

  • The lumbo back support offers support for weak joints and muscles 
  • It tightens the abdominal muscles and core back to correct poor posture
  • The lightweight back brace provides compression and support

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