Lumbar Spinal Column with Dorso-Lateral Prolapsed Disc


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Show back injuries to your patients or students by using the 3B Scientific® lumbar spinal column with a dorso-lateral prolapsed disc. These sturdy models show realistic details concerning the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae with a prolapsed disc, including spinal nerves, all in color. The spinal column model rests on a stand but is removable for hand-held teaching. Instruct students or patients on the spine's fundamental formations or the results of a low-back injury. Using these lumbar models helps illustrate corrective surgical procedures. They weigh less than 2 lbs. and are 13.4 in. tall for easy maneuverability.

  • These spinal column models are lifelike for demonstrations
  • The sturdy representations are colorful to distinguish separate features
  • Each lumbar model weighs less than 2 lbs. and is 13.4 in. high

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