Lumbar Cushion


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Support the lower back as you sit with the Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Lumbar Cushion. You can ease your spinal tension by placing the pillow in the curve of the sensitive area. Made of high-density molded foam, these cushions relax your sitting position while the lumbar area naturally responds to your movements. Orthopedically engineered, these lumbar seat pillows evenly distribute the weight of your back as they support the lower lumbar section. Included is an elastic strap that fastens the cushion to any chair for a snug fit. A Masonite insert is available for a firmer pillow.

  • The lumbar cushions support your lower back as you sit
  • These pillows fit the contour of your lower lumbar section
  • Each orthopedic back support pillow responds to the natural movements of your back

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