Lift Box (NIOSH Standard)


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The Bailey® Lift Box (NIOSH Standard) has contoured hand cutouts. NIOSH stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health standard, and this means that this box offers a firm and comfortable grip for patients. With a multilayered plywood core, it supports up to 100 lbs., allowing benchmarking of patient progress. The NIOSH standard lift box comes with a centralized post for placement of extra weights in work hardening and conditioning programs. Its solid hardwood build makes it durable, enabling intensive long-term use in a wide range of settings. Designed with dual high and low hand slots, Bailey sturdy lift boxes allow the use of ergonomic lifting techniques for reduced back strain. They come with a hinged lid that features a built-in stop mechanism for added safety. Their natural wood finish makes them aesthetically appealing.

  • High weight capacity makes a NIOSH standard lift box versatile
  • Its weight post allows benchmarking
  • Its solid build enhances durability

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