3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex European Anatomical Model


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Study human anatomy in-depth with this life-size human anatomy model. This 68-in. model is highly detailed with 41 component parts for a greater understanding of what lies underneath the surface. It comes with a wooden roller base. This life-size human body model includes:

  • Two-part head with a brain half
  • M. sternocleido stoideus and m. deltoideus muscles
  • M. biceps brachii and m. triceps brachii muscles; left arm has skin
  • M. palmaris longus with m. felxior carpi radialis and m. brachioradialis with m. extensor carpi radialis
  • Muscled upper and lower leg; left leg has skin
  • Abdominal cover, removable liver and a two-part removable stomach
  • Four-part removable intestines and a removable kidney half
  • Mammary gland
  • Two removable lungs and a two-part removable heart
  • Three-part female genital insert with embryo and four-part male genital insert
  • M. satorius, m. gluteus maximus and m. rectus femoris
  • M. biceps femoris cap. L. with m. semitendinosus
  • M. gastrocnemius

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