Lid for Akro-Grid 33162/33164/33165/33166/33168


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Keep container contents visible yet secure with lids for Akro-Mils® Akro-Grid 33162/33164/33165/33166/33168 boxes. Each lid snaps to the rim of boxes to maintain the cleanliness of various supplies. These and other model Akro-Grid lids 33162 come in four per pack to suit facilities with high demand for storage products. The transparent coloring of the snap-on lids makes items easy to identify, saving time at work. Users can stack storage boxes with lids.

  • Store items while providing transparency with Akro-Grid lids 33162 and other models, available in packs of four
  • Lids snap to rims of boxes to keep contents visible 
  • Transparent lids for 33164 Akro-Grid make it easy to identify supplies quickly

Orders for this item typically ship within 10 business days.

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