Anatomical Model - Leg Skeleton with Hip


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Physicians and physical therapists frequently use products such as the 3B Scientific® anatomical model - leg skeleton with hip to help patients visualize complex anatomical structures. It accurately depicts the hip and foot as well as the ankle and knee joint structures.

Medical schools and other educational institutions often employ these sorts of human anatomy charts and models during biology and anatomy classes. The manufacturer uses real human skeletal remains to make the casts for the leg bone model, ensuring outstanding accuracy.

Wires hold the model together, so the leg bone model reproduces human movement. Elastic structures in the knee joint ensure life-like range of motion, an indicator of high-quality human anatomy models. The product is highly durable thanks to its heavy plastic construction.

How much does this leg model anatomy weigh?

The product weighs 2.75 lbs., making it easy to carry and transport.

What are the dimensions of this leg skeleton anatomy?

The model is 35 x 5 x 5 in., providing realistic, life-like dimensions.


  • Medical practitioners often use the anatomical model leg skeleton with hip to explain anatomical structures to patients
  • The leg bone model provides an accurate model of hip, knee, foot and ankle bones
  • Medical schools and other educational institutions regularly use the product during anatomy and biology classes
  • The manufacturer created the model based on real human skeletal remains to create a realistic product
  • Wires between structures deliver life-like movements
  • Elastic in the knee ensures accurate lower-leg range of motion
  • The leg bone model is made of heavy, durable plastic to increase durability and longevity
  • The leg skeleton with hip weighs 2.75 lbs., so it's easy to carry and transport
  • With dimensions of 35 x 5 x 5 in., the product has realistic human proportions.

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