Lavatory Sign


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Provide clear information for patients and visitors alike with an eye-catching lavatory sign. It also adds fun and visual appeal to pediatric offices and clinics. Designed exclusively by Clinton™ Industries, this lavatory/toilet door sign forms part of the Clinton Kids™ sign series. It features an original Clinton duck character that imparts a comfortable, kid-friendly vibe. The vibrant colors and bold, black text ensures easy readability for optimal visibility. This 7.5-in. x 5.5-in. lavatory signage comes pre-mounted on ridged black plastic for a clean, professional look. An included set of hook-and-loop strips also facilitates convenient mounting onto any smooth, flat surface.

  • The lavatory sign by Clinton Industries offers a fun and kid-friendly addition to pediatric facilities and healthcare settings
  • It combines brilliant graphics and easy-to-read text for high visibility
  • It includes hook-and-loop fasteners for quick mounting on flat surfaces

Orders for this item typically ship within 10 business days.

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