36" Foam Roller Blue


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If you run a physical therapy practice, a 36-in. foam roller in blue is a great choice for assisting patients in their recovery process. You can use a foam roller like this for many exercises, from stretches to core exercises. These foam rollers are free of latex, meaning they are safe for people who have latex allergies. Made from durable material, this CanDo® foam roller, 6 in. 36 in,. lets your patients gain an additional suite of exercises inside your physical therapy studio. In addition, this foam roller works very well for use at home, so if you have a patient who wants to continue their physical therapy in the comfort of their own home, this is a great option for them.

This CanDo foam roller comes in both a full-round or half-round configuration. Your patients will have even more options to exercise, from stationery muscle stretches with the half-round to rolling core exercises with the full-round. This is also an ideal piece of physical therapy supplies for practices that offer massages. Massage therapists are growing in popularity among those with injured muscles and if you offer massage services, these rollers let you provide better massage therapy.

What setting is best for this foam roller?

This massage roller works the best in a clinical setting but is also a good choice for physical therapy at home.

Is this roller hypoallergenic?

Since this foam roller is free of latex, sensitive patients will not have a problem with it.

What muscle groups can you exercise with this tool?

This foam roller exercises the upper and lower back, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and many other muscles.

Other features:

  • Provide a better level of physical therapy care with this 36-in. foam roller in blue
  • This foam roller is ideal for both clinical and home settings
  • With no latex, your patients with latex sensitivities can enjoy this product too
  • Work many groups of muscles with this roller, from the back to the quads
  • Extend your exercise range even further with half-round and full-round versions

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