Larynx with Bronchial Tree Model


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The Larynx with Bronchial Tree Model comes with various segmental bronchi that are elastic and in various colors to make them easy to distinguish visually. The lungs are detachable to allow for more practical illustrations. This bronchial tree model is a computer tomography (CT) model and the natural spatial 3D relationships enables it to preserve the same location of segmental bronchi in a more realistic way. The manufacturer molds the epiglottis of the bronchial model flexibly on the bronchial tree and larynx, making it a good teaching tool.

  • Made of various colors for easy visual distinguishing
  • Detachable lungs and an epiglottis mounting allows for practical illustrations
  • Bronchial tree model has spatial 3D relationship, thereby preserving the segmental bronchi in a realistic way

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