Large Phlebotomy Tote Set


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer fully customizes the Large Phlebotomy Tote Set with a main compartment measuring 12 in. wide x 14 in. deep x 9 in. high and two side pockets for reaching supplies easily. It has a foam pad interior and sidewalls that provide support and protection to the equipment. This phlebotomy tote has a plastic box with a foam tube rack to hold the tubes securely. It has two poly-divider boxes and six adjustable interior ones to help organize the contents in the bag. This phlebotomy bag has 10 hinged-lid containers to prevent samples from falling out.

  • The foam pad of the Large Phlebotomy Tote Set's interior gives protection
  • The poly and adjustable interior dividers improve organization
  • The phlebotomy tote plastic box holds the tubes firmly

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