Ladies' Med ID Bracelet (Diabetic)


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Wear this Ladies Med ID Bracelet (Diabetic) to alert first responders that they are dealing with a diabetic patient on medication. This improves the outcome of any medical emergency and enables you to get the right assistance. Sabona Medical ID bracelets combine elegant design with the important function of notifying emergency personnel that you're a diabetic patient. This bracelet includes a prominent Caduceus symbol on one link with a "diabetes wallet card" beneath it. Featuring 1200 gauss Samarium cobalt magnets, this med ID bracelet is highly durable and rust-resistant. This beautiful chain bracelet comes in an attractive clamshell packaging.

  • Sabona Medical ID bracelets combine beautiful design with important functionality
  • This bracelet alerts emergency responders about a diabetic patient
  • It features Samarium cobalt magnets making them durable and rust-resistant

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