Knee Rest Pillow


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Help patients lying on their backs maintain a pelvic tilt with the knee rest pillow that keeps their knees elevated. Being in this position eases stress and discomfort on the spine as it takes pressure away from the legs and back. Made of polyurethane foam, the cushion provides comfortable, raised support for legs and knees. The knee elevation pillow measures 24 in. x 11 in. x 19 in., so it fits nicely on a standard couch or bed. Patients comfortably rest and sleep as their knees remain elevated and their pelvis tilted. 

  • The knee rest pillow tilts the pelvis to relieve back and knee discomfort
  • Its polyurethane foam provides a soft, elevated resting spot for knees and legs
  • The pillow is 24 in. x 11 in. x 19 in. and fits on a bed or couch

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