Anatomical Chart - Knee Joint, Laminated


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This anatomical chart, knee joint, laminated, depicts the complexities of the human knee joint with multiple full-color illustrations. Use it in treatment or therapy rooms as an educational tool for patients or hang a copy in a classroom to provide students with easily accessible reference images. Clear text labels identify each body part shown on the knee joint laminated anatomical chart.

In addition to showing many views of human knee anatomy, this chart also provides text information about the function of knee ligaments and menisci. It offers details about common knee ailments and injuries, making it an invaluable teaching tool. Use this product with other human anatomy charts to give the students access to detailed, easy-to-understand reference materials in the classroom.

While medical practitioners may not think of posters like this as crucial medical supplies, these products do serve an important function. They act as a visual reference when discussing ailments and treatments with patients. Posters and models can also help clients pass the time while in waiting rooms or treatment areas.

What finish does the poster have?

This chart is on heavy-duty, bright-white paper, giving it an attractive, professional finish suitable for waiting areas, offices or treatment rooms. A double-sided laminate coating protects the knee anatomy poster from dust and scratches. You can also write on the laminated surface with non-permanent markers and wipe marks away with a damp paper towel or cloth.

What are the dimensions of this knee anatomy poster?

This poster is 50 cm. (about 20 in.) wide and 67 cm. (about 26 in.) high.


  • The knee joint laminated anatomical chart shows multiple views of the human knee
  • Full-color illustrations are clear and accurate
  • Individual labels identify the parts of the human knee and the surrounding muscle groups
  • The knee anatomy poster includes additional information on the joint's structure and features
  • Descriptive paragraphs detail common knee maladies and injuries
  • The chart features heavy-duty, white paper that is durable and attractive
  • A two-sided laminate coating protects the poster from wear and tear
  • Write on the laminated surface with non-permanent markers
  • The poster is 50 cm. wide x 67 cm. high (20 x 26 in.)

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