Jumbo Wire Tube Racks


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Available in three colors, including blue, red and yellow, these jumbo wire tube racks can hold tubes of two sizes: 13 mm and 16 mm. The epoxy coating makes these tube racks chemical-resistant, enhancing their durability. This wire tube rack helps store, organize and sort tubes while keeping them safe and secure in a variety of settings. The 13 mm rack holds 216 tubes, while the 16 mm rack has a capacity of 120 tubes. The wire test tube rack is autoclavable, which means it can withstand high-temperature steam for easy cleaning and sterilization.

  • This wire tube rack helps store, organize and identify test tubes
  • It's autoclavable for easy cleaning and sterilization
  • It's epoxy-coated, making it chemical-resistant

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