Japanese Dual-Sex Anatomical Model


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The 3B Scientific® deluxe Asian dual-sex human torso model, 18-part, with 3B Smart Anatomy, is ideal for students of all ages studying the human body. The model includes removable organs for enhanced study of their function and placement. The 3B Scientific torso features hand-painted organs of durable plastic for a realistic look and feel. Each model includes both male and female genitalia inserts, including a fetus, for the study of both sexes. Each Japanese unisex anatomical model has a label on its side to scan for free access to 3B Smart Anatomy that includes a variety of lectures, models and quizzes for enhanced education.

  • An Asian-inspired 3B Scientific torso features removable organs with a realistic look and feel
  • Dual-sex models offer inserts for both male and female genitalia
  • Get free access to 3B Smart Anatomy to enhance education

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