Intestinal Diseases Model


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made of durable materials, the 3B Scientific® intestinal diseases model comes built to last. Place it on various surfaces so students or patients can view it easily. With a lightweight design and a sturdy base, moving this intestinal model to a different station requires minimal effort. Its compact form saves you storage and enhances portability. The replica is cross-sectioned to expose various pathologies including polyps, cancer and Crohn’s disease. It offers an accurate representation of anatomical features of the large intestines and rectum. It's ideal for use in diverse settings such as hospitals and learning institutions. Remove the intestine anatomy model from its stand for an immersive view. It comes with a metallic stand that displays the model at a comfortable viewing height.

  • The sturdy intestinal model comes built to last
  • Its metallic stand lifts it to a comfortable height
  • Its compact layout saves space

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