Insulin Protector Black


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Keep your insulin cool for up to 16 hours with this insulin protector in black, which safeguards the maximum potency of insulin while ensuring it's safe to use. This insulin case is ideal for diabetic patients who travel frequently. The insulin cooling case features pockets for syringes and alcohol swabs, making it easy to carry your medication supplies. It comes with two freezer-safe coolers that keep your insulin cool. This insulin cooler bag fits two vials of any insulin brand, making it versatile. It has a compact size, making it a convenient case to fit your diabetic medication supplies while traveling.

  • This insulin cooling case keeps insulin cool for up to 16 hours, ensuring it's safe to use
  • It's ideal for diabetic patients who travel frequently
  • It also includes pockets to fit syringes and alcohol swabs

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