Inguinal Hernia Model


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Enhance patient education using the 3B Scientific® inguinal hernia model. It's a life-size cross-sectional depiction of an indirect inguinal hernia found in the male groin region. This groin hernia model assists physicians in explaining and providing vital information prior to surgery. Equipping patients with proper knowledge may lead to a more favorable outcome. This male hernia model may also serve as an effective visual tool for instructional and training purposes in academic settings and scientific laboratories. For quick referencing, it includes two graphical illustrations to make comparisons between an indirect and a direct hernia easier. This mounted hernia model comes with a sturdy base for strong support.

  • This inguinal hernia model exhibits a full-scale, scientific representation of an indirect inguinal hernia in the male groin area
  • It features two diagrams that clearly show the difference between a direct and an indirect inguinal hernia
  • It's mounted on a base for added support

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