Infant Cervical Foam Collar


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Stabilize the head and neck region with the infant cervical foam collar. Like many cervical collars, this neck support for infants helps keep the cervical spine in a neutral position to ensure proper alignment. This is especially important for babies suffering from minor neck pain, strains or whiplash. This child cervical collar works by alleviating pressure from sore spots for soothing pain relief. This enables the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments to heal naturally for a quick recovery.

This infant pediatric collar offers adequate and flexible support with its medium-firm foam padding. It holds the neck relatively still to partially limit mobility and prevent further stress on the afflicted area. This cervical collar features a chin cutout and contoured design that conforms closely to the shape of the jaw and chin for a snug and comfortable fit. Its breathable foam covering also improves air circulation to keep the nape cool and dry.

For maximum convenience, the collar's simple wraparound style makes application quick and easy. This pediatric cervical foam collar also comes with a hook-and-loop closure to keep it fastened securely at the back. Along with this medical device for infants, other high-quality braces and supports also assist children and adult patients during the healing process.

What are the dimensions of the foam collar?

Available at a lightweight 0.05 lb., this infant pediatric collar measures 1 in. x 13 in. x 3 in. to provide total coverage around the neck area.

What are the different size options for this item?

The foam collar offers a universal fit to accommodate most neck circumferences ranging from 9 in. up to 10.5 in. in size.

Features and benefits:

  • The infant cervical foam collar stabilizes the head and neck for rapid pain relief
  • It holds the spine in a neutral position to ensure correct alignment
  • A medium-firm foam padding provides sufficient support and limits movements to help avert further injury 
  • The contoured design cushions the jaw and chin for optimal comfort
  • A breathable covering material enhances airflow to keep the neck cool and dry
  • A wraparound style makes the collar easy to put on for maximum convenience
  • A hook-and-loop mechanism fastens securely for a reliable closure

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