Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack - Standard - 10" x 12"


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Alleviate joint and muscle pain symptoms with the Hydrocollator® moist heat pack - standard - 10 in. x 12 in. Treating patients with muscle and deep tissue pain with moist heat therapy has been a reliable approach for decades. The Chattanooga™ Pharmaceutical Company specializes in physical therapy supplies and created the Hydrocollator hot packs. The packs have become a must-have item for clinics, hospitals and sports training centers worldwide.

Use the moist heat pack for up to 30 minutes of moist heat to help with pain. You can use the brown tabs on the top side for rotation purposes in a busy clinic environment. Reuse the Hydrocollator hundreds of times for maximum cost effectiveness.The packs are sold in either singles or in packs of 12.

Similar to hot and cold compresses, these packs are extremely soft and supple and sit comfortably on the area of pain. Moist heat packs warm up in a myriad of ways, including microwave ovens, special heaters and hot water. The moist heat can penetrate deeper than a dry heat source such as a heating pad. The moist heat may increase the flow of blood to the area, which may also increase the speed of recovery time. Another great benefit of moist heat packs is that they don't dry out the skin, which can benefit elderly patients greatly.

Having Hydrocollator moist heat packs available in busy treatment centers provides an inexpensive and reusable tool.

How many heat packs come in an order?

There are two options for orders. You can order them individually or by the dozen.

Wouldn't moist heat packs dry my skin out?

No, you can use Hydrocollator moist heat packs with confidence as they do not cause dehydrated skin.


  • The Hydrocollator moist heat pack - standard - 10 in. x 12 in. offers deep penetration to those suffering from joint or muscle pain
  • These packs warm up in a number of ways for quick preparation for application
  • The use of moist packs may help generate more blood flow to the affected area and may promote faster healing
  • Use the moist heat packs without fear of skin dehydration
  • The packs are reusable numerous times hundreds providing maximum cost efficiency

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