Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack - Spine Small - 10" x 18"


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Consider Hydrocollator® moist heat packs spine small 10 x 18 in. as an important part of many physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment plans. Therapists and other medical professionals often use hot and cold compresses to treat patients. Athletic training facilities and hospitals also commonly employ these items. At 18 in., these packs deliver contoured warmth to the back and spine of average-sized men and women.

Each physical therapy moist heat pack provides 30 minutes of warmth to maximize patient comfort and improve practitioner efficiency. Medical professionals commonly wrap moist hot packs in thick towels or fitted cases to regulate heat transfer to muscles, skin and joints. Facilities can reuse these moist hot packs hundreds of times, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly moist heat therapy options.

What color are these hot packs?

They're white, making it easy to spot stains and recognize when it's time to purchase new packs. 

Do they have any features that make them easy to integrate into facility-wide rotation systems?

Yes. They have brown tabs so practitioners can work them into color-coded rotation systems.


  • Hydrocollator moist heat packs spine small 10 x 18 in. gently warm backs and spines
  • They complement the dimensions of most average-sized adult men and women
  • Each pack provides 30 minutes of heat to increase patient comfort
  • Practitioners can rewarm these physical therapy hot packs hundreds of times
  • Since the products are reusable, they save money for busy facilities and practices
  • They're sustainable, environmentally friendly physical therapy supply choices
  • Because they're white, it's easy to see stains and determine when you need to replace them
  • These physical therapy heating pads have colored tabs so practitioners can work them into color-coded facility rotation systems

Trust CeilBlue™ for all your medical and physical therapy practice needs. We have medical equipment, safety products and infection control supplies that busy athletic departments, hospitals and rehabilitation centers regularly use. 

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