Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack - Oversize - 15" x 24"


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Physical therapists and rehabilitation medicine specialists use Hydrocollator® moist heat packs oversize 15 in. x 24 in. to apply heat to muscles and joints. Athletic trainers and hospitals also employ them to deliver soothing moist heat therapy. For many practitioners, hot and cold compresses are an important part of therapy and rehabilitation protocols.

Hydrocollator hot packs are reusable, making these selections cost-effective and environmentally sound choices. Practitioners can rewarm each moist hot pack hundreds of times, maximizing facility savings.

They feature brown tabs so you can work them into color-coded facility rotations systems. The white color of the hot packs makes it easy to see stains and other signs of wear.

Do these moist hot packs come with covers?

No. Hydrocollator hot packs don't come with covers. You'll need to purchase covers separately or use thick towels to protect patients' skin during moist heat therapy.

How long do these physical therapy hot packs stay warm?

Each moist hot pack stays hot for 30 minutes, offering patients several minutes of uninterrupted comforting warmth.

Select features:

  • Medical practitioners use Hydrocollator® moist heat packs oversize 15 in. x 24 in. as part of physical therapy protocols
  • Practitioners can reuse these moist heat packs hundreds of times
  • They provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly warmth to meet patient needs
  • Brown tabs on the packs let facilities use them in color-coded rotation systems
  • They're a clean, white color that makes it easy to see stains and other signs of wear
  • Physical therapists and athletic trainers often use Hydrocollator hot packs with covers or thick towels to limit heat transfer 
  • Once warm, they provide 30 minutes of uninterrupted heat

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Customer Review Summary

A few customers say that Hydrocollator® moist heat packs don't retain heat for an extended period. Still, 74% of reviews mention high-quality material and durability. Hot packs are reusable, which makes them cost-effective in the long-term. There's a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on moist heat packs to accommodate supply managers in hospitals. 

22% of reviews raise concerns about the product quality, saying it can break after a few uses. The other 78% agree that moist heat packs offer full effect for 30 minutes, giving patients enough time. 

Some customers found that packs are too thin, but the majority say that the thickness is ideal. Physical therapists and trainers use them regularly. The white color choice makes it easy to identify stains. Use the friendly service at CeilBlue™ for order inquiries or product details.  

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