Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack - Knee-Shoulder - 10" x 20"


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Hydrocollator® moist heat packs, knee and shoulder, 10 in. x 20 in. deliver warmth directly to joints. They stay warm for up to 30 minutes after heating and are large enough to envelop large joints, such as knees and shoulders.

Sports medicine practices, physical therapy facilities and collegiate athletic programs frequently use hot and cold compresses when treating patients. Many physical therapists and athletic trainers use them for pre-therapy warm-ups.

Each of these deep soothing knee and shoulder heat packs is reusable and provides hundreds of individual moist heat therapy warming sessions. Because facilities can use them multiple times, they offer substantial cost savings for hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation facilities.

These heavy toweling wrapped knee and shoulder heat packs feature brown tabs on one side. Practitioners can use them to set up color-coding systems that allow workers to determine whether a patient has already used one or not.

Do these knee and shoulder heat packs require covers?

Yes. Most moist heat therapy packs require thick covers to limit heat transfer.

How many times can my facility reuse each pack?

You can typically reuse one of these packs multiple times.

Select Features:

  • Hydrocollator moist heat pack, knee and shoulder, 10 in. x 20 in. warms joints
  • These knee and shoulder hot packs stay warm for 30 minutes
  • They're large enough to cover large joints, such as knees and shoulders
  • Sports medicine practices, physical therapists and collegiate athletic trainers commonly use moist heat therapy during treatment
  • Physical therapists and athletic trainers frequently employ these packs for pre-therapy warming
  • They're reusable, so they offer busy facilities substantial costs savings
  • Color-coded tabs on these deep soothing knee and shoulder heat packs help identify used products

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