Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack Cover Terry Foam-Fill Neck 9" x24"


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Medical professionals commonly use Hydrocollator® moist heat pack covers terry foam-fill neck 9 x 24 in. to protect patients' skin, muscles and joints during heating pad use. Athletic trainers, rehabilitation facilities and physical therapists frequently employ moist heat therapy when treating patients.

Hydrocollator terry cloth covers are extremely soft, increasing patient comfort during use. They're machine washable to maximize hygiene. Because they're reusable, these heat pack covers save money, and provide eco-friendly healthcare facilities with a sustainable, Earth-friendly way to meet needed equipment and physical therapy supplies.

The moist heat pack covers are gray, a color that minimizes the appearance of stains. It also extends product life by reducing the visible signs of wear and tear.

Are these heat pack covers contoured?

Yes. They have shorter ends and longer middles, so they fit most moist heat packs contoured for necks.

How do these covers close?

They have hook-and-loop closing systems to speed therapy preparation and keep heating pads securely enclosed. 


  • Hydrocollator moist heat pack covers terry foam-fill neck protect skin during heating pad application
  • These sturdy covers are soft, increasing patient comfort
  • They fit many contoured neck moist heat packs
  • They're machine washable and easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Facilities can use them multiple times
  • As reusable products, they reduce the amount of money healthcare organizations spend on equipment
  • Hydrocollator terry cloth covers offer physical therapy practices and rehabilitation facilities a sustainable way to meet equipment needs
  • They're gray, a color that minimizes the appearance of stains
  • These moist heat pack covers are 9 in. x 24 in.
  • They close using easy to operate hook-and-loop systems that increase practitioner efficiency

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