Hydrocollator Heat Pack Cover Terry Foam-Fill - Std 20" x 24"


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Relieve pain during injury recovery with this Hydrocollator® heat pack cover with terry cloth and foam fill. One of the most common ways to alleviate muscle pain is to apply a heat pack to the sore muscles through the process of moist heat therapy, but heat packs without proper insulation around them can lead to burns. With this Hydrocollator heat pack cover, terry cloth and foam fill, 20 in. x 24 in., you'll no longer need to worry about applying too much heat to painful muscles.

When using hot and cold compresses, moisture and heat travels from the heat pack through the terry cloth and filling to alleviate pain in muscles and joints, but without the risk of heat traveling too rapidly and burning the patient. For those worried about their Hydrocollator moist heat pack cover not properly holding the heat pack in place, this cover comes with hook and loop fasteners to properly tie down heat packs.

These covers are machine washable, meaning they hold up to repeated washes and can be reused. With this therapeutic moist heat cover, you'll no longer need to wrap a towel around your heat pack and risk the heat pack falling out of the towel. In addition, this heat pack cover comes in a large 20 in. x  24 in. size, meaning it will fit most heat pack sizes. This terry cloth hot pack cover is among the most useful medical practice supplies and will help ensure that your doctor's office is fully able to treat all patients' needs.

Why use a terry cloth hot pack cover?

A dedicated heat pack cover is preferable because when wrapping a heat pack in a towel, you run the risk of the heat pack falling out of the cover and scalding the patient.

What is this therapeutic moist heat cover made out of?

This cover is made out of terry cloth with a foam filling, which means that it's able to handle the heat of a pack without too much of that heat transferring over to the user.


  • Prevent burns with this useful Hydrocollator heat pack cover, terry cloth and foam fill
  • This heat pack cover is made from terry cloth, a good insulator against heat
  • With a size of 20 in. x  24 in., you'll be able to fit most heat pack sizes
  • You now have no need to risk burning a patient with a heat pack loosely wrapped in a towel
  • Relieve muscle pain with targeted heat from a Hydrocollator pack

Getting to know our range of medical practice supplies will help your practice serve its patients better.

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Customer Review Summary

Only 25% of reviews showcase difficulties when using Hydrocollator heat pack covers. The majority still agree on the optimal performance of moist heat pack covers, highlighting their ability to relieve pain quickly. Friendly service will help along the way if there are any questions.

Some worry that heat pack covers don't retain heat properly. Still, 80% of reviews say they offer good value at a fair price. These packs are just the right size for placement on the neck, hip, lower back and other body parts. There's the 30-day satisfaction guarantee offer as well.

Even though a small percentage of customers find it too much of a hassle, most agree that using heat pack covers is better than using towels, for example. The Hydrocollator cover prevents heat packs from falling out. With no minimum of orders, large establishments can find a good supply here. 

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