Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack Cover - All-Terry Microfiber - Dual Hand


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Hydrocollator® moist heat pack covers, all-terry microfiber, dual hand, protect skin during the application of heat packs. They're specifically designed to envelop hands and wrists in warmth during moist heat therapy. The thick terry cloth limits the intensity of heat transferred from hot packs to patients' skin.

Hydrocollator moist heat pack covers, all-terry microfiber, dual hand, are ideal for physical therapy practices that commonly use hot and cold compresses to work with hand and wrist injuries. Rehabilitation facilities, sports medicine clinics and university athletic departments often use similar products as part of their treatment protocols.

These terry cloth covers feature easy-to-manipulate hook-and-loop closure systems. The products are washable, offering busy practices extended reusability.

What color is this Hydrocollator terry cloth cover?

The product is an attractive beige that's easy to keep clean. The color limits the appearance of stains, increasing product longevity. Light blue trim adds a bit of color to the covers.

Does the hot pack cover have any straps?

The item has two straps that keep the product firmly in place.

Select features:

  • Hydrocollator moist heat pack covers, all-terry microfiber, dual hand, keep skin safe during heat pack application
  • The product surrounds hands and wrists with moist heat
  • These heat pack covers feature a thick terry cloth material that facilitates the right amount of heat transfer
  • The item is ideal for practices that frequently treat hand and wrist injuries
  • Rehabilitation facilities, sports medicine practices and university athletic departments regularly use similar products during treatment
  • These heat pack covers have easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure systems
  • Washable and reusable, these terry cloth covers provide a cost-saving option for facilities and physical therapy practices
  • The hot packs are beige — a color that limits the appearance of stains and allows you to use the product for longer
  • The covers have two straps that help hold the item in place

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