Anatomical Chart - Human Skeleton, Laminated


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Add a laminated human skeleton anatomical chart to a doctor, osteopath or physical therapy office space or classroom. Use human anatomy charts and models to educate patients and students on the structure and function of the human skeletal system. This skeleton labeled chart by 3B Scientific® features the names of each bone in the body. This chart also includes the ligaments, connective tissues and muscle attachment points.

This human body bone chart features close-up labeled images of the cranium, spine, hand, foot, knee joint and pelvis. It also includes a cross-section of the bone structure at a microscopic level. At the bottom of this chart is a description of what the human skeleton is made of and how it is connected to help with education. 

Incorporated metal eyes give multiple options for attaching this lightweight chart to an office wall. The double-sided 6.35 microinches (125 microns) lamination makes this chart easy to clean for a hygienic workplace.

What size is this anatomical human skeletal system chart?

This chart is in a poster format measuring 19.7 x 26.4 in. (50 x 67 cm).

How much does this human skeleton chart weigh?

This skeleton chart is lightweight, with a total weight of 0.44 lbs. (200 g).

Does this chart include the skeletal structural differences between males and females?

In addition to the front and back images of a generalized human skeleton, this human anatomy chart features separate labeled close up images of the male and female pelvis. 


  • Detailed anatomical human skeletal system chart with labels
  • Outlined differences between the male and female pelvic structure
  • Double-sided 6.35 microinches (125 microns) lamination
  • Metal eyes provide secure wall attachment options
  • Lightweight at 0.44 lbs. (200 g)

Decorate medical office walls and help educate patients or students with human anatomy charts like this laminated human skeleton anatomical chart from CeilBlue™. 

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