Human Musculature Anatomical Chart


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Educate students and medical faculties on anatomy with this 3B® Scientific human musculature anatomical chart from CeilBlue™. All parts of the muscular system are visible with details such as muscle names and their descriptions.

Thick lamination is a feature of this anatomical chart, ensuring that it remains in good shape for a long time. The paper in this human muscle poster is UV-resistant to prevent fading to yellow, and it measures 20 in. x 26 in. Individuals can use non-permanent markers on this poster when explaining anatomical concepts.

More specific information on the poster includes foot muscles and an informative paragraph about muscle tones and different forms of contraction.

Where can you use this type of muscle chart poster?

Versatile human anatomy charts such as this one are an excellent addition to a classroom or doctor's office. Doctors can use this poster to inform patients about muscular anatomy when explaining about an injury. 

What's the purpose of lamination in anatomical charts?

Proper lamination in select human anatomy charts and models keeps the edges from curling up. This ensures that students can see every bit of information on the poster.

  • Use this human musculature anatomical chart in classrooms when lecturing students on muscle anatomy
  • It features the entire muscular system with images and informative descriptions
  • The poster measures 20 in. x 26 in., and it's UV-resistant to prevent fading over a long-term period
  • Thick lamination keeps the poster from curling up on the edges so that every piece of information is easy to see
  • Human musculature posters and other medical supplies from CeilBlue are ideal for doctor's offices so that they can inform patients
  • Muscle tone and contraction details are available on this poster for clarity
  • Use non-permanent markers on this poster to highlight specific muscle sections on the body

Supply medical establishments and educational facilities with this human anatomical chart, which shows body muscles in full detail.

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