Human Embryo Model - 25x Life Size


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Educate students on human anatomy by presenting the 3B® Scientific human embryo model at the four-week stage. Its size is 25 times larger than the actual embryo at that age, so that teachers and doctors can highlight every part.

These anatomical models are fitting for lecture courses dealing with first-month pregnancy stages. Soon-to-be-mothers can use the embryo model as an educational tool as well.

Having the human embryo model in the classroom is important because it represents a vital stage in terms of tissue development and anatomical symmetry. Like many other human anatomy charts and models, the embryo model comes with a sturdy base, which keeps it stable on the desk.

What is the purpose of the label on the embryo?

By scanning the label on this embryo anatomy model, individuals can access free warranty extension and a number of lectures, which enrich the school curriculum. Quizzes are also available to spice up the rigorous educational process.

What are the dimension and weight specifics?

The embryo model weighs only 0.4 kg, which makes it easy to move into a classroom. Its dimensions are 12 cm long x 12 cm wide x 23 cm high.


  • This human embryo model represents development at four weeks, 25 times bigger than the actual size
  • Students in medical faculties can use human anatomy models to learn about tissue growth and the symmetrical aspects of embryos
  • Each teaching model comes with a label, which offers access to informative lecture programs for teachers
  • A suitable educational tool for women on pregnancy
  • It weighs 0.4 kg, and it measures 12 cm long x 12 cm wide x 23 cm high so that teachers can carry it easily
  • With a stable and heavy-duty base, these embryo models won't fall over by accident 

Equip medical facilities and colleges with anatomical embryo models and other medical supplies from CeilBlue™.

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