Anatomical Chart - Human Brain, Laminated


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Present educational information with an anatomical human brain laminated chart. The chart is suitable for lecturing or displaying in a classroom setting. Medical offices also use human anatomy charts and models to display in offices and patient treatment areas for reference during patient visits. The human brain laminated anatomical chart provides detailed frontal, side, and section views of the brain. The chart also includes in-depth information on lobes, nerves, arteries, cerebrospinal fluid circulation and blood supply.

Lecturing or discussing complex functions and organs like the human brain is easier with the aid of human anatomy charts. Your audience can visualize the various areas and functions easier with the help of a visual aide. The brain anatomy poster also displays the cortical regions of the brain to help illustrate the areas that control motor skills, vision and auditory functions.

The anatomy chart is made with UV-resistant paper to help prevent fading, yellowing and discoloration. The chart is conveniently poster-sized for use in medical offices or classrooms. The poster is also covered with durable laminate to help protect it from damage.

Can the anatomical chart be written on?

Yes. The poster features a thick laminate surface suitable for writing and marking on with a non-permanent marker. 

What is the size of the anatomy chart?

The chart is 20 in. x 25 in. for effortless transportation and display.

Features and benefits include:

  • The human brain laminated anatomical chart includes detailed images of the brain's sections
  • Features a diagram of the cranial nerves and arteries of the brain
  • Illustrates cerebrospinal fluid circulation and blood supply
  • Depicts the locations of the various lobes and cortical regions of the human brain
  • Constructed with durable laminate and UV-resistant paper to protect the chart from wear and tear

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