HP Series P1002-P1003-P1004-P1005-P1006-P1007-P1008- CTG.


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Consider using the remanufactured HP® Series P1002-P1003-P1004-P1005-P1006-P1007-P1008 printer cartridges. These toner cartridges are tantamount to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) units. They qualify based on post-testing assessments. The HP P1008 printer cartridges match the company criteria for page totals, color resolution and density. The cartridge yields 1,500 printed documents with standards that include sharp images, smudge-free prints and systematic printing. Changing the HP CB435A toner cartridges with the used ones is quick with easy step-by-step guidelines. They're International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-tested to ensure quality copies, no matter the volume of the printing order. Included is a 100 percent testing guarantee with a lifetime warranty.

  • They correspond with HP P1008 printer cartridges for superiority
  • These carry a lifetime warranty and are 100 percent testing guaranteed
  • Each remanufactured HP printer cartridge furnishes the printer with quality toner

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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