HP Series 4200 Printer Cartridge- HY (MICR)


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Print your checks using the remanufactured HP® Series 4200 printer cartridge-HY (MICR) as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product. Designed for check processing, these magnetic ink character recognition cartridges undergo strict post-testing for a 100 percent accuracy. The HP 4200 toner cartridges pass meticulous standards for toner sensing and magnetic reading. This includes making sure the special toner powder produces superior MICR signals and characters. No matter the volume of checks, you will have quality printouts without interruption. The HP toner cartridge yields 12,000 documents that include clean and smudge-free checks. The cartridges are ISO-tested for consistency and MICR standard fonts. Included is a lifetime warranty.

  • They're comparable to HP 4200 toner cartridges MICR and tested for magnetic sensory
  • Each OEM toner cartridge is 100 percent accurate under a lifetime warranty
  • These remanufactured MICR printer cartridges replace the used MICR toner with ease

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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