HP LASERJET PRO 400 MFP M401-M425 Series H-Y


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Take care of your printing needs by using remanufactured HP® LaserJet® PRO 400 MFP MM401-M425 Series H-Y toner cartridges for quality printouts. They undergo comprehensive inspections based on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements. Each HP LaserJet PRO 400 toner cartridge has passed each examination at 100 percent. That encompasses print resolution, density and volume. They are ISO-tested for sharpness, crispness and consistency. Replacing the HP LaserJet M401 toner cartridge with a remanufactured one requires very little technical know-how. The process is straightforward with step-by-step instructions. The quality of the toner supports continuous printouts with page permanence. Their output is 6,900 pages and each cartridge carries a lifetime warranty.

  • Each HP LaserJet PRO 400 toner cartridge matches the OEM standards
  • The remanufactured toners pass each inspection 100 percent
  • The compatible toner cartridges have an output of 6,900 documents

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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