HP Enterprise 500 COLOR M551 - M575 #507X (YEL) - JUMBO


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

With a wide operating temperature range, the remanufactured HP Enterprise 500 COLOR M551 - M575 #507X (Yellow) - JUMBO printer cartridge allows intensive use, enabling application in high-traffic settings. Its robust casing accommodates large volumes of toner powder, which provides a high page yield of 8,750 sheets for bulk printing. Embedded with quality coloring agents, it produces immersive high-resolution images and graphics on varying paper types. Augment productivity using the alternative HP 500 printer cartridge that provides consistent print quality to minimize reprints, saving you time and resources. Built in a simple layout, it offers seamless installation and routine maintenance. Efficiently designed and quality tested, this replica HP toner cartridge features a low cost per page rating, helping you cut down on operational costs. It ensures leak-free operation for printer longevity.

  • A remanufactured HP 500 printer cartridge offers long-term use
  • Its consistent output minimizes resource wastage
  • Its simple layout saves maintenance time

This item typically ships within 2-3 business days.

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